You can help parents raise their kids God’s way!

We all know parenting is hard work. But many parents, especially in this generation, are unaware of the need to shape their children spiritually.

FamilyLife offers practical advice and spiritual guidance to help with parenting, based on the truths found in God’s Word. We’re convinced that God’s ways are the best ways for parents to teach, admonish, discipline, encourage, and love their children—and it’s our passion and privilege to come alongside moms and dads to help them understand and apply biblical principles about parenting.

The truths found in God’s Word provide wisdom and instruction for raising children in a God-honoring way that creates blessing for kids, parents, and society.

Is that something you believe in? With a donation of any amount to FamilyLife, you can support the important work of raising the next generation to love, serve, and obey God. Your gift will be used to create and implement helpful resources and events for parents to learn and apply God’s directions in raising their children.

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