You can help blended families succeed

With all of the complicated emotions that can come with major life events like divorce, death, and remarriage, stepfamilies face unique challenges in building a cohesive family.

However, God is faithful to extend grace and mercy in the face of difficulty, and nothing is too hard for Him!

Blended families hold a special place in our hearts here at FamilyLife. We count it a privilege and a joy to come alongside them to extend our support and offer biblical encouragement and guidance.

When you give to the ministry of FamilyLife, you are participating in important work, such as building up and strengthening blended families.

Please donate today to FamilyLife’s work of helping all families, including stepfamilies. You can make your gift using the form below.

When you do, we will send you the PDF digital download Daily Encouragement for the Smart Stepfamily, by Ron Deal, one of the most widely read authors on stepfamilies in the world. This eBook will strengthen your marriage and blended family with 365 brief but potent daily thoughts of encouragement to keep you moving forward toward healthy, strong stepfamily relationships.

Thank you for giving to the ministry of FamilyLife.

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