Should we move in together or get married first? This book reveals the choice that leads to more lasting, healthy relationships.

Are you questioning the point of marriage, feeling like it’s just an expensive setup for failure? Isn’t it outdated anyway, when moving in together is so much easier, and so many marriages end in divorce anyway?

What’s the Point?

In What’s the Point? Shelby Abbott addresses these critical questions head-on, clarifying the significance of marriage. He explores how marriage can add joy and depth to a relationship, addressing concerns about feeling pressured by traditional norms or believing commitment can thrive without outdated formalities.

What’s the Point? Is a small, easy read for anyone asking questions about living together and marriage. It is a perfect gift for young adults navigating the complexities of relationships, cohabitation, and marriage.

Decades of research have uncovered the results of cohabitation vs. marriage. This book will equip you with the data you need to understand how marriage can enrich your relationship with profound meaning and lasting value.

Sydni rated it five stars and said, “Compelling treatise on the benefits of marriage. Cohabitation is supposedly a relationship safety net, but Shelby makes the research-based argument that it’s a bad investment. In this short overview, he shares the facts on how cohabitation typically turns out and the pros of married life.”

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You or your loved one don’t need to be unsure about the benefits of marriage. This book will give you the data you need to build a lasting, healthy relationship. Use the secure form below to make your gift and get your free book.

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