Get your 30th Anniversary Edition of Resurrection Eggs and help children understand the true meaning and hope of Easter

For 30 years, hundreds of thousands of families have used Resurrection Eggs to remember the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Each egg contains an item symbolizing Jesus’ final moments before the crucifixion, with the last one representing the empty tomb. The set includes a bilingual Spanish/English storybook, colorful Easter story stickers, and an egg carton holder.

New for 2024, this exclusive anniversary edition helps your family dig deeper with 14 activity cards offering memory verses, discussion questions, songs, and various activities, creating a meaningful and interactive experience for the whole family.

This is more than just another fun family activity, it is an opportunity to…

  • Reflect as a family on the life and death of Jesus
  • Understand the significance of Christ’s resurrection power and the hope it gives us as believers
  • Cultivate a lifelong faith in the lives of your children

When you make a gift today, not only will you receive a set of Resurrection Eggs, but your gift will be used to reach families in critical need, drawing more people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through increased evangelism and discipleship in local communities.

Easter is why we have eternal hope as believers, and these eggs will help the children in your life experience that hope in a new, fun way. Use the secure form below to make your gift and receive your 30th-anniversary set of Resurrection Eggs.

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