Fight for Christ-Centered Military Marriages— Send them to Weekend to Remember®️!

Many military families are feeling enormous stress right now.

They’re being pounded by the pain of separation, danger, constant moves, tight finances, and more.

And it’s showing in their marriages. In broken hearts and broken families. Will you fight to save these marriages today?

Your gift today will fund scholarships to Weekend to Remember®️ events specifically for military couples.

The demand for this kind of help is huge. And the scholarship funding is dwindling. Please help today so that no service member wanting help is turned away.

Your gift of $30, $60, or even more will be such a blessing to help these men and women get Christ-centered help.

They are giving up so much to serve our nation. But they need reinforcements to shore up the home front. Please consider a generous gift to fight for military marriages!

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