Thank you for helping military couples!

I was considering divorce; it was hard to stay married. I was so hurt and broken, and he didn’t seem to care. This weekend touched on so many areas we needed to work on. We were sponsored here! This whole thing was straight from Jesus! Divorce was on the forefront, and now it is a foreign term. Thank you for letting God use you to touch our lives!

We’ve received many, many letters like this one from a military wife stationed in Alaska. Every “thank you” we receive, every note of gratitude, belongs to you. THANK YOU for supporting our military scholarship program.

Marriage can be tough under any circumstances. But imagine what it’s like for military couples. These brave men and women who serve our country are fighting and even bigger battle – the battle for their families.

Your donation today will help to provide more scholarships to military couples who need the biblical guidance from a Weekend to Remember® getaway. Many military couples can’t afford the cost of a weekend, and we’re committed to offering them assistance.

When you donate, you’re not only making someone’s marriage stronger, you’re making our country stronger as well.

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