Help a Military Family Thrive!

As difficult as it is for families to weather the pressures thrust upon them, military marriages suffer the most. The constant relocations, the threat of military deployment, long separations, and financial pressures all put unbelievable strains on personal relationships. It’s no wonder divorces in military marriages are reaching epidemic levels.

BUT . . . with Jesus, there is HOPE!

Our Weekend to Remember®️ getaways have been mending broken marriages and helping them thrive for decades.

These getaways offer military breakout sessions which are led by CruMilitary staff and are designed to equip couples with specific communication tools they can use during deployment, reintegration, and transitions. And of course, they are all centered around the person of Jesus Christ.

How you can help:

FamilyLife offers scholarships to military couples who otherwise cannot afford to attend one of these life-changing events. But to provide for everyone who needs a scholarship, we need to receive $50,000 by November 30.

Your gift will help ensure that a struggling couple who otherwise could not attend will be able to access a retreat in their area.

We don’t want a single couple in our armed forces to miss out!

Will you consider making your gift today?

Our service members sacrifice so much; let’s show them the love of Jesus and send them to the getaway that will enrich their lives, heal their marriages, and build a foundation around the person of Jesus Christ.

Please join us with your gift as we proclaim Him and share His timeless principles for our families.

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