Pastor scholarships: Invest in those who serve 

Answering the call to be a pastor is a big sacrifice, more so today than we could have dreamed even a generation ago. In our “me-first” culture, full-time ministry can be brutal on a marriage and family.

The divorce of a pastor couple can be devastating to a congregation. So we must invest in our pastors’ marriages if we care about the health of our churches. 

That’s why it’s so vital to replenish our pastor scholarship fund for our Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway. We’re expecting at least 2,500 pastor couples to apply for financial assistance, and many have already applied.

Over the past 43 years, we’ve helped 1.5 million couples strengthen their marriage with biblically sound principles in the context of a romantic getaway. Our pastor breakout sessions address the unique challenges of full-time ministry. 

Your gift now will help more pastor couples to gain the sound, biblically-based tools they need for a healthy marriage. In turn, they can pass on what they’ve learned to others in their congregations and communities. 

Your gift of any size will have an impact for years to come. Thank you!

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