Help a Pastor, Help a Marriage, Help a Church!

“Thank you for helping us make this weekend a reality. After about ten years in our first pastorate and two wonderful children we were drained and our marriage had gone unmaintained and we didn’t know what to do. Through your gift we have been refreshed and go home energized to carry this “”good news”” home to share with others!”

The pressures of being a pastor can be crushing and can easily wreak havoc on their marriage. All too often pastors cannot afford the help their marriage needs – even when they can take time to get away. Their spouses suffer, their children suffer – and their church suffers.

That’s why we have special sessions and resources for pastor couples at our Weekend to Remember Getaways. That’s also why we want to offer scholarships to every pastor and spouse who wants to attend.

But sadly, our scholarship funds have been completely depleted.

Will you please help?

With your gift today, you’ll help a pastoral couple who is struggling in their marriage and their ministry.

Pastors and their spouses sacrifice so much for all of us. Please help them restore and refresh their marriages with your gift!

Thank you for your compassion on those who serve us all!

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