Embrace Community with the Love Your Neighbor Door Hanger!

It’s easy to go about our days passing by the same people without ever really getting to know them. This Love Your Neighbor door hanger is your key to starting meaningful conversations and showing love to those around you.

Share the door hanger with your neighbors—whether they’re next door or a familiar face in your community—and let’s spread God’s love together! It comes in two versions: a ready-to-use colored design and a black-and-white version kids can personalize with their unique creativity.

After sharing, post it on social media with the hashtag #youareloved24. Your act of kindness could inspire others to reach out and build meaningful relationships with their neighbors as well. (As always, remember to follow all trespassing laws when engaging with neighbors and refrain from putting these in anyone’s mailbox.)

Let’s make every interaction count and create a community filled with love and fellowship. Thank you for partnering with us to make every home a godly home!

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