Deliver Reinforcements to Families in the Trenches

Everyone longs for their home to be safe … stable … a sanctuary.

But ever since the Garden of Eden, Satan has worked to destroy that refuge … to divide and conquer husband, wife, and family. He’s never stopped turning homes into battlegrounds. 

But you can deliver a lifeline to those struggling in the trenches.

Thanks to the tremendous value and reach of FamilyLife Today® radio broadcasts and podcasts,  every $20.35 you give today will reach 250 people with an entire month of daily encouragement and truth. That’s less than a dime per person to deliver a lifeline of daily reinforcements to families under attack. 

The help you offer today will not address hard issues with pop psychology or trite encouragement, but with biblical truth. Your gift will encourage Christian families struggling in the trenches. AND it will reach those who’ve literally never seen a godly family or heard of God’s plans for them.

Thank you for your most generous gift to provide a lifeline to families under attack!

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