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Over the past 26 years, generous support from friends like you has helped grow FamilyLife Today into the award-winning radio program it is today.

Hosted by our founder Dennis Rainey and his co-host Bob Lepine, this broadcast recently received the prestigious “Radio Program of the Year” for an unprecedented third time from National Religious Broadcasters.

FamilyLife Today has brought biblically sound principles to millions of families, giving them help and hope exactly when they needed it. With your help, we will continue to reach out, and also expand this ministry to reach much, much further than we ever imagined 26 years ago.

Here are just a few of the ways FamilyLife Today has helped families in need:

“I am so thankful . . . The Spirit has used FamilyLife to mentor me and show me what it means to be a husband and father who is first and foremost a lover of Christ.”

“I lost my wife to a heart attack two years ago. FamilyLife Today helps me understand … how I can work with my adult son now to establish a better relationship. I do not have a family per se, but your broadcast does appeal to single men like me.”

“I was the closest I have ever been to throwing in the towel. In a last ditch effort, I searched out some podcasts and downloaded yours . . . It has literally helped save our marriage.”

“I fell in love with the hope and encouragement your radio program gave me years ago when I first heard it. The program drew me closer to the Lord in ways that made my heart leap for joy.”

It is the commitment of our loyal partners – not paid advertising like many other radio stations! – who sustain this radio outreach. But to keep it going and growing, we must raise $150,000 by August 1.

That’s why we need your help to cover the costs of airtime on more than 1,300 radio stations across America, plus capture new and exciting opportunities to reach millions more listeners throughout the world using new and emerging technologies.

You will help change lives, save marriages and encourage godly families by making a gift of any size using the form below!

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