Helping Families Break Through Isolation

Spouses are finding themselves more isolated than ever before.

With so many of our normal rhythms being thrown off over the past two years, it’s no wonder the art of “pursuing” one’s spouse has been lost.

It’s time to date your partner!

Families are never static. Isolation and loneliness are inevitable unless we actively fight against it. In a time when everything is fighting against marriage, we need to actively pursue and invest the time it takes to reestablish that loving relationship. It’s time to date your spouse like you did when you first met.

FamilyLife provides dozens of resources to help couples rebuild intimacy.

Whether it’s our radio broadcasts, podcasts, printed resources, or our Dates to Remember date kits and Weekend to Remember®️ marriage getaways, each resource is based on the life-transforming Person of Jesus Christ.

Will you help us reach families with the help they need?

Your gift today will help us continue providing these and other critical resources to families who are struggling to remain strong.

Thank you for your partnership!

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