They don’t come with an instruction manual

FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™ is showing parents they don’t have to go it alone. Through a collection of God-ordained partnerships, we have the opportunity to engage parents who are far from the church and far from God with practical, biblical help and hope with the Real Parent Life™ outreach kit. Our distribution partners have requested over 750,000, of these kits proving that parenting is among the highest “felt needs” people have in this generation.

Real Parent Life is designed to create a practical conversation about parenting, seeded with God’s truth which ultimately shows parents that God didn’t give us children without offering His help to raise them. His desire is for every parent to have a relationship with Him and access to His power through Christ!

We’ve believed from the beginning that God wants us to give this resource away as part of the Art of Parenting initiative. Real Parent Life is a gift with a transformational purpose!

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