Embrace Your Life

In a part of all our lives, there is a constant thread of longing—an ache between the life we yearn for and the one we find ourselves living. As we grapple with this, we hold on to the hope that God will answer our prayers and fulfill our desires. While some find their prayers answered, for many, the longing persists, leaving us weary or even debilitated. It prompts age-old questions: “How can I discover God’s joy in a life different from what I hoped for?” and “How do I navigate the gap between the life I desire and the one I’ve been given?”

Embrace you Life

In Embrace Your Life: How to Find Joy When the Life You Have is Not the Life You Hoped For, Elizabeth Woodson, a seasoned Bible teacher familiar with the path of unmet longings, guides you to embrace joyful living within the gap. Through a journey alongside Elizabeth, exploring key biblical passages from the book of Joshua and beyond, you’ll discover that joy is attainable and learn to avoid emotional escapism and naive blindness to reality. Woodson unveils the true meaning of “biblical contentment,” helping you enjoy God’s unwavering presence, understand your divine calling, and gain a perspective that embraces genuine joy amid life’s inevitable longings.

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