Help Other Couples Reconnect Through the Love Like You Mean It Cruise®️

One couple who recently cruised with us said, “We owe many thanks to the Love Like You Mean It cruise. Before our last cruise, we were not sure where our marriage was headed and the seminars we attended made it possible for us to reconnect. We are excited about the next one.

Praise God for using the Love Like You Mean It marriage cruise to bring this couple back together and restore their marriage! For over a decade, the Love Like You Mean It marriage cruise has helped thousands of couples, just like this one. It is designed to help couples reconnect with one another and experience the joys of navigating life together.

Now, as we look to our next opportunity to help more couples and create an unforgettable experience like the one you are on, we are faced with some significant challenges…

The past two years have made it impossible, financially, for FamilyLife to secure and charter the next cruise. In order to make this happen, we must rely on the support of people like you who have experienced this life-changing trip, to help provide the funds needed to secure our ship and allow more couples the chance to renew their marriage. 

Specifically, we need $1 million dollars to Re-Start the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. We need  couples who understand the value of this event to step forward right now and make a gift. Will you consider being one of them?

With your generous gift, you will:  

  • Help Re-Start the Love Like You Mean It Cruise, providing an atmosphere where couples can pull away from the world and reconnect with each other and God.
  • Provide biblical truth and encouragement to help couples realign and renew their marriage commitment.
  • Provide the unique opportunities and experiences Love Like You Mean It is known for—where couples can rediscover their love for each other and for God.
  • Equip couples with the tools they need to reach their corner of the world.
  • And ultimately, bring more people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your gift will have a profound influence on marriages and families today and for generations to come.

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