Fight for every family!

Blended/stepfamilies now account for 40% of ALL families.


If we’re serious about saving and strengthening every family, reaching these families with solid, biblical help for their specific challenges is critical! They need to hear how to deal with disagreements over discipline of stepchildren, finances, fears of another fractured family and much more … before hearts are broken again.

Will you help reach struggling stepfamilies with biblical help?

More help and hope than ever is available for Blended families, but most don’t even know it exists! We need your help to get resources and encouragement to those who need it most. You can be an essential part of getting discipleship tools like Blended & Blessed livestream, stepfamily-specific marriage and family books, (including Building Love Together in Blended Families by Ron Deal and Dr. Gary Chapman), curriculum, the FamilyLife Blended Podcast and Radio short feature to these couples.

Right now, there simply aren’t enough Christians addressing this need. 40% of families are often not getting the specific help they desperately need! That’s why your help today is so important.

Your gift today will get practical, biblical help into the hands of struggling stepfamilies. Also, when you give any amount today, we will send you a copy of Building Love Together in Blended Families by Ron Deal and Dr. Gary Chapman.

Your generosity will help to stop the generational cycle of fractured families, help bring stability to children who may feel adrift and help people know the God who brings hope and healing!

Please give today to help fight for every family!

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