For Kim, showing her husband the ultrasound photo of their unborn daughter was a last bid to save their marriage. After less than two years, Kim and David were separated for the second time, following David’s second affair. The divorce papers were filled out, and David had said he didn’t want to try any more. But Kim hadn’t given up, and neither had her mother.

So Kim showed David the picture of the little girl who needed her dad. She reminded him that her mother had offered to send them to a Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway, and she asked him, one more time, if he would go.

God moved David’s heart through that photo, and he agreed.

Stories of hope

Words from lives changed by your support

“I am hungry to understand GOD and how to bring my family into HIS kingdom. It seems that every time I ask GOD for answers to something and turn on the radio, you are talking about it!! It would leave a huge hole if you were not on the air to reach me. Although we cannot give much now, please know that listening to you is PRICELESS to my family. GOD BLESS YOU!”

—FamilyLife Today® listener

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Lustful eyes and pornography almost cost me my marriage. It really stinks when you find out your wife is thinking and planning for plan b because me plan a doesn't seem to be something she can count on. From the time of at least 10 I have looked at women and pornography lustfully filling my mind with images and not thinking it was affecting anyone but me. I did not know until God got my attention. With all addictions you keep needing more to satisfy. A girl I met at the gym friended me on Facebook and then started instant messaging. Then it got to sexting. I thought I was covering my tracks but you can't. My wife found out and it devastated her. I was devastated. How could I do this to her? We have been married 30 yrs. She never told me no when I wanted sex. We had a great sex life. God finally got my attention and I realized I hadn't given all of me to him and I hadn't to my wife. She saw how I looked at other women and never said anything but it made her feel like she wasn't good enough. God saw my heart and he didn't like what he saw but knew if he could my attention I would change and change I did. My eyes now stay focused on God and my wife. I just wished it wouldn't of taken 30 yrs to change. My wife and I have a better relationship today and are closer because I decided to give her all of me. My relationship with God is incredible. I truly for the first time since my baptism feel the Holy Spirit moving and leading me.

—Rusty M.

My small gifts to you are an expression of gratitude in two ways. For the guests who tell their stories, and for you and the bible based responses you give.My personal story is a tragedy. It began with mind control and pain reaction tests beginning at around age 3. When WW2 ended, some of the Nazi methods were continued in America by Jewish doctors on German children. I was such a child.I am estranged now from my family, so I receive much needed hope by listening to you guys praying and helping families to heal their wounds.I live in sadness much of the time. Your humor and truth are blessings. Obviously I have condensed the facts to a nearly incomprehensible story: Forgive me. I would rather listen than speak, for now anyway. Thankyou, and please know I have a very special understanding of the innocent blood of Jesus, and the pain He experienced.

—Thomasc H.

I am a native american,Alogonquin,originally from a reservation in Canada three hours north of Ottawa, Rapid lake,I was raised by my grandparents,very vaguely I remember going to a catholic church as we were growing up. Things changed progressively quick as we were growing up, I do know that my grandparents tried.People stopped going to church,people started drinking,that's when the abuse began,both physically,verbally,sexually. By the time I was 11 I started smoking,stealing cigs. from my grandparents and other people.That led to stealing other things from people including breaking into people's homes.The first time I used drugs was when I turned 13 along with that my first taste of alcohol,Things progressed quickly and not for the better.By the time I was fifteen I got into plenty of trouble and not even caring about whom I hurt or I stole from, my sister gave me the name of being a ''rebel'' I do remember that I was very proud of that name, and I did everything in my power to live up to that name, I did succeed in having the people of my community to dislike me some even hated me, some said there he is,lock your doors, if anything is missing you know who did it.At one time I remember my sister telling I need to get out of this place, she took me to go live with my mom in the states, Canandaigua New York area,thinking a change of scenery would do me good, for a while it did. I turned 18 and was still in school, I got my drivers license, only a month later to get my first d.w.i. Even that didn't teach me a lesson because a month later I got my second one. Went through the process of sentencing, lawyer fee,s which I did not a pay a dime on, my step dad paid for all of it. somewhere in the 5000.00 area after all said and done. this was in 1987-88. And still did not learn from anything, judge sentenced me to go to a drinking driver program only to get escorted out the first five minutes because I went in smelling like a brewery.Shortly after, I met my wife, not to long after we met she got pregnant with our first daughter Hope, we lived together for four years till we were married, the year we got married she conceived our second child Joshua. We have five kids,Emalie the middle child,then we have Jordan my son, then my baby girl Rebekah.To this date we've been married 24 years been together 28 years.Today and more often than not I praise God, For the courage and strength she gave that woman through all those years of turmoil and grief of my rebellion. I did a lot of damage, for a lot of years I lived in the bottle and under the influence of drugs. I was there but I was looking from the inside of a bottle or blurred from being under the influence of drugs.I thought my marriage was fine at first,it only got bad after the years of abuse,lot's of verbal abuse on my part, I was angry my wife and kids walked on egg shells because of fear of doing anything to get me mad, I lost respect from my kids, I lost the trust of my kids and wife.It was bad towards the end, my wife said she was close to filing for a divorce she wanted out.Two years ago on the 28 of April 2013 was my 43 birthday. The greatest day of my life,the greatest gift a man can get for his birthday is the gift of the gospel.For years in my own mind I believed that God was white mans God, lol. I gave my life to Christ,the very first verse I learned was 2 Timothy 2;3 Join with me in suffering,like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. Praise God for his mercy on me,along with that his unending grace.I love the Lord Jesus Christ,I love reading and saturating my self with his word, it's been an amazing two and a half years,I still have troubles,trials,and so often stumble,nothing absolutely nothing compare to being a child of God and being in his pasture.There is so much more than the way X was living. Today the trust I had lost, I gained back from my kids and most of all my wife. Glory to God,My son himself gave his life to Christ at the beginning of 2015. Am not bragging by any means by saying this, a while back my son and his friends got together,I guess the discussion came up of who they looked up to, my son said I want to be like my dad, God is amazing,WOW! It never ceases to amaze me. Praise God,Glory to God..........In all that we say,In all that we do,and whomever that we may encounter along this road that leads to his kingdom

—Xavier R.

My wife, Elizabeth are in our second marriage (due to our spouses having passed away). We are married for 5 1/2years and desire to grow in our relationship. Though we are older (86,and 75 years of age) we are challenged to develop unity through Christ and enjoy each other the rest of our lives.

—Ezra S.

We arrived at our Weekend to Remember in the last phase of marriage failure. We both learned, grew with information and realize we never want to stop trying or give up in our marriage. It was a wonderful starting place.

—Gloria P.

I retired as an RN over 3 years ago. My drive time to work was from 9:00-9:30pm, and after a schedule change on Christian radio (WRVM), FamilyLife replaced Focus on The Family in that time slot. At first I was disappointed but as I became a regular listener, I came to be blessed by programming that pertained to topics meant to strengthen marriages. Programming related to communication was extremely beneficial. Most beneficial and memorable, was discussion focussed on sexual relations within marriage. During this discussion 3 or 4 books were recommended. When I discussed the programming with my wife, she immediately ordered them. When they arrived we began to read them together and an intimacy, that was perhaps the most lacking element in our marriage, blossomed in such a way that it deeply and positively transformed our relationship. Sexual intimacy became a great Godly gift and a strength in our marriage. The years from then until now have been the best years in our 48 years of married life. May God continue to bless your ministry! Fred B.

—Fredric B.

FamilyLife has been a trusted and valuable resource for our family for over 20 years. You can name the challenge, trial or situation and we can point you to FamilyLife and how they spoke into our family's life and provided us with a Godly foundation and encouragement that has withstood the challenges. Thank you FamilyLife, we love you and your ministry!

—Andrew B.

My wife and I have been married 29 years. She came from a pastor's home and i came from a alcoholic home., But we both started on the right path in marriage. we have had our up's and downs over the years but the encouragement of the art of marriage seminar and many other of your resources Dennis have been invaluable. As a fellow Dallas grad I can say thank you for your mission,your integrity and the wonderful radio talks, books and resources you and your ministry have provided over the years. One that is especially great is step up for men. our marriage and lifes are heading in the right direction and i thank you for helping in the process. God riches Blessings

—ranger s.

First of all the (30) day prayer challenge was awesome. It helped with our committee to God and each other. I'm still learning and growing through almost (10) years of marriage. Every comment or radio broad casting, or daily email is blessing our life. We ate looking forward to a weekend to remember this year. Keep up your good work. God is good. 105.7 fm Houston, Texas


Our marriage was destined to fail without a doubt; as we both came from very dysfunctional families. Our marriage was extremely toxic. But then something extraordinary happened as I got saved. Somehow, I started listening to FamilyLife and hope started to spring up inside of me. I started learning more and more how families are supposed to function and what's a normal family like. Then I started sharing with my kids and husband (in that order) what was a normal family like and also suggested to my husband to listen to FamilyLife. And the rest is all history. I thank God for this ministry and thank Dennis & Barbara Rainey for their obedience to the Lord!

—Sandy D.

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FamilyLife Today® listener

“This was the greatest two days with my husband!! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!”

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“For years I had become lazier with God and with helping my wife. Stepping Up was the ‘in the face’ man-up message I needed to hear.”

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“Something nothing short of miraculous happened [during the Weekend to Remember]. God carried us through the Refiner’s fire, and I saw my spouse for who she really was. . . . She was Jesus to me in the flesh. I saw a selfless ‘agape’ love flow from her. . . . God has shown Himself faithful, as it says in Psalm 91.”

—Weekend to Remember® participant


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