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Like you, FamilyLife is committed to the belief that building strong, God-honoring families is the solution to many of the problems we face today. And as caring people like you come alongside FamilyLife with your prayers and support, you help create more FamilyLife resources that strengthen families—such as Untie Your Story: Memories.

Our memories help make us who we are, as individuals and as families. Sharing those memories brings families closer together. It lets your kids learn from your past—both trials and triumphs. It helps you look back and see the pattern of God’s faithfulness throughout your journey. And it’s a great way to spend meaningful time as a family.

This month, in appreciation for your gift, we’ll rush you Untie Your Story: Memories from Barbara Rainey’s Ever Thine Home® collection. These 12 beautiful, reusable napkin ties feature questions that will help you share your life journey with family and loved ones—and make new memories as you do!

Being intentional about sharing and preserving memories is important to your family’s growth. And these days, we also need to be more intentional than ever in building up marriages and families everywhere. We face challenges that our own parents never imagined, and it’s crucial to be equipped.

But none of these challenges are a surprise to God! And through your gift now, you can equip families like yours with timeless guidelines from God’s Word for every family issue—from helping our children maintain sexual purity in our increasingly sexualized culture to keeping divorce “off the table.” Will you provide help, courage, and hope today?

My Gift for Help, Courage, and Hope

Your gift today will help more families like yours grow closer together through FamilyLife’s practical, biblical answers to everyday issues. Thank you for caring, and be sure to request your copy of Untie Your Story: Memories!

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“Your radio broadcasts are such an inspiration to me and my husband, from bringing the two of us closer, to helping us raise a child in God’s way. Thank you so much! You are a blessing!”

FamilyLife Today® listener

“This was the greatest two days with my husband!! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!”

—The Art of Marriage® participant

“For years I had become lazier with God and with helping my wife. Stepping Up was the ‘in the face’ man-up message I needed to hear.”

—Stepping Up® participant

“Something nothing short of miraculous happened [during the Weekend to Remember]. God carried us through the Refiner’s fire, and I saw my spouse for who she really was. . . . She was Jesus to me in the flesh. I saw a selfless ‘agape’ love flow from her. . . . God has shown Himself faithful, as it says in Psalm 91.”

—Weekend to Remember® participant


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