Bring Life-Changing Love to the World Through Families: You Can Help Translate Art of Marriage into Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic!

The world has changed. More digital. More creative. Sometimes more skeptical. This next generation craves authentic truth and relatability. And as all generations have, they still long for relationships that flourish and give life.

So we created a new Art of Marriage—combining the classic, biblical truth with authentic, vulnerable conversations, humor, and art. Bringing gospel truth to couples in the way they receive it best.

Around the world couples are experiencing growing pressures on relationships, but they haven’t found answers that work! There is a growing openness to hear biblical truth, delivered in a winsome, yet powerful way.

(Bold)However, couples who desperately need to hear God’s truth won’t receive it without a translation change!

With your help, we can translate the Art of Marriage into Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic, three of the world’s most spoken languages.

Bringing this gospel hope and marriage strengthening resource to couples in their native language will cost $100K per translation.

Will you give today to translate the Art of Marriage for nearly 50% of the world’s families?

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