This Bible study book proves Jesus Christ rose from the dead

As believers, our eternal hope rests in Jesus Christ conquering the grave and rising from the dead. But is this a blind leap of faith, or is there compelling evidence proving that Christ’s resurrection is a historical reality?

Every day, another believer walks away from their faith, convinced their hope was in vain. That’s why New Testament scholar, professor, and apologist Jeremiah Johnston has spent his career researching the evidence for the Resurrection and speaking to packed university auditoriums nationwide.

In this four-session Bible study, Body of Proof Bible Study Book with Video Access, provides fresh reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead and why that matters today. It includes printed content, a leader guide, personal study between group sessions, applicable Scripture, tips for leading the group and more. Additionally, each workbook contains access to free teaching videos for each session.

Our culture wants to convince you and your family that Easter is a fairy tale and the Resurrection is no more real than the Easter Bunny. This study will strengthen your faith and renew your hope as you rediscover the power at work in you as a follower of the risen Savior.

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