This short (and fun) game will help your kids understand their emotions!

Visible behaviors are preceded by unseen and often unspoken thoughts and feelings. The better we understand WHY we feel the way we do about a situation, the more we are able to prevent our emotions from running the show.

But helping kids understand their emotions so they make better decisions isn’t easy. 

That’s why we want you and your family to have “Ferret Flush,” a fun game that helps you understand the complex interplay between thoughts, feelings, and actions, so you become more aware of these connections in everyday moments and situations. 

Created for ages 13 and up, this quick and easy game is a great way to connect and learn.

At FamilyLife, we’ve helped thousands of families like yours better understand their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors so they can strengthen the relationships that matter most. 

When you make a gift today, not only will you receive “Ferret Flush,” but your gift will be used to reach people in need of God’s transforming grace in their homes, helping families in your community strengthen the relationships that matter most.  

Your kids don’t have to act out. Help them understand their emotions and how to control them. Use the secure form below to make your gift and get your very own copy of “Ferret Flush.”

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