Our prayers are with you during this
difficult season.

We are praying for our nation and for you during this difficult time, as we all face the impact of COVID-19 We don’t know exactly what you are dealing with right now, but please know that we are praying for you as a special friend to FamilyLife. And we are thanking God for our nation’s leadership, our medical professionals, and all who are working tirelessly to contain and find a cure for this virus.

We are also thanking YOU for taking the time to make a donation right now. We know you have so many other things on your mind. We are so grateful that your heart for marriages and families remains strong.

Parenting in today’s culture is tough. Perhaps your kids or grandkids are among the young moms and dads who are entering what should be an exciting chapter of life. From the perils of social media to the opioid epidemic to the proliferation of online pornography, parents today face critical issues previous generations never imagined.

What young moms and dads need more than anything is God at the center of their homes.

We created Real Parent Life™ kits to provide critical help for families from a biblical perspective. Husbands and wives facing real-life parenting challenges are open to hearing biblical wisdom for families. And that opens the door to reach them with the gospel!

$10 is all it costs to reach a young family with a Real Parent Life kit. With your support today, our immediate goal is to raise $50,000 by June 30 to distribute 5,000 kits through our ministry partners.

When you make a donation of any amount, you can receive FamilyLife’s Real Parent Life outreach kit to:

  • Share with a young couple who may have walked away from church.
  • Give to a neighboring family struggling with parenting issues.
  • Help reach parents looking for help!

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