2018 Campaign to Protect Marriages

You Can Help a Struggling Couple


Society’s view of love and marriage is becoming increasingly distorted, emphasizing how many couples today don’t view marriage according to how God’s Word says marriage should be viewed. And so we continue to see marriages crumble all around us.

Sadly, too many couples are not equipped with the biblical tools they need to sustain their marriage … let alone thrive in it.

But we know that doesn’t have to be the end of the story for these couples. That’s why we’ve launched the 2018 Campaign to Protect Marriages. This is an all-out effort to enable as many couples as possible to attend our fall getaways. Our goal is to raise $300,000 by July 31.

Why? Because God is working through FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember  getaways — and through friends like you — to restore marriages that seemed completely broken.

To keep the getaway as affordable as possible, we rely on donations to cover a portion of the expenses for each event. On average, we need to raise an additional $44 for each person who will attend a Weekend to Remember getaway this fall.

It only takes $44 to make it possible for another person to attend a Weekend to Remember.

So will you please help a couple struggling in their marriage write a different ending to their story?

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