You Can Give Encouragement and Guidance on God’s Plan for Family in the New Year!

God is using FamilyLife® radio broadcasts to transform lives every day. Marriages are being saved, parents are finding help with life’s toughest questions, and people are being brought to Christ.

Combined, our broadcasts reach over 9 million listeners every week, bringing them help and hope with practical, biblically based truth for life’s most important relationships: God, spouse, and kids.

When you listen to FamilyLife radio broadcasts, you’ll get:

  • Biblically-based content from Christian authors, leaders and others.
  • Life giving truth aired daily on more than 1,200 stations across all 50 states.
  • Help and hope on an ongoing basis to encourage you and our other listeners.

Most importantly, these powerful, gospel-based radio programs are almost totally dependent on the generous donations of people like you to stay on the air.

YOU can help! Each $25 you give today will reach 2,500 homes for one week. That’s less than a penny to deliver a week of encouragement and guidance on God’s plan for marriage and family into one home. How many homes can you help reach?

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