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A Year of Renewal

For you: A powerful marriage-building resource!

When you and your spouse are committed to each other and to God, the benefits spread to your children and every other part of life. Every marriage has room to get better, so resolve to make 2015 a year of renewal and recommitment as a couple!

Dennis and Barbara Rainey’s 365-day devotional Moments with You is a powerful tool to help you make this your greatest year yet as a couple. With true-life stories from their 42 years of marriage and ministry, along with Scriptures and daily prayers, it will make a lasting difference in your marriage. And it’s our “thank-you” when you support FamilyLife’s ministry with a gift of any amount today.

FamilyLife is here for you, and couples like you, with events, books, study guides, our family of relevant radio broadcasts, and free online resources. Every year, millions turn to FamilyLife seeking help and hope—and in the process, thousands find Christ.

But we can’t do it without you. Nearly 75 percent of the financial support of FamilyLife’s ministry is directly provided by friends like you. Please partner with us to give hope to more families!

Dennis Rainey’s three tips for a stronger marriage today

  1. Pray together daily. Spiritual disciplines matter. That doesn’t mean you have to spend 30 minutes in prayer every day; some days it may be a simple acknowledgment of Christ’s lordship over your lives.
  2. Make 2015 the year you out-forgive your spouse. Are there closets in your marriage booby-trapped with loaded bazookas of old resentment? Clear those closets and resolve never to let them fill up again by “giving up the right to punish” (truly forgiving) your spouse.
  3. Get into the Word together. There is nothing like spending time together in the Bible to keep your marriage grounded firmly on the Rock, like the wise builder in Matthew 7:24–25.

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“Your radio broadcasts are such an inspiration to me and my husband, from bringing the two of us closer, to helping us raise a child in God’s way. Thank you so much! You are a blessing!”

FamilyLife Today® listener

“This was the greatest two days with my husband!! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!”

—The Art of Marriage® participant

“For years I had become lazier with God and with helping my wife. Stepping Up was the ‘in the face’ man-up message I needed to hear.”

—Stepping Up® participant

“Something nothing short of miraculous happened [during the Weekend to Remember]. God carried us through the Refiner’s fire, and I saw my spouse for who she really was. . . . She was Jesus to me in the flesh. I saw a selfless ‘agape’ love flow from her. . . . God has shown Himself faithful, as it says in Psalm 91.”

—Weekend to Remember participant


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