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Resurrection Eggs®. Eggstraordinary Truth.

Helping your family experience the Easter story!

Making sure your children understand the Easter story is one of the most crucial steps to building a godly legacy in their lives. So to bring your whole family together to share the story this Easter, we’re offering you FamilyLife’s Resurrection Eggs®. Each of the twelve colorful plastic eggs holds a different memory-grabbing object to take Jesus’ journey to the cross and beyond. They're interactive and easy-to-use from home to classroom to neighborhood hunt.

A biblical worldview—seeing the world through God’s eyes and looking for answers in His Word—starts with understanding that He sent His Son to die for us. And helping our children and grandchildren develop a biblical worldview has never been more important.

Our children are faced every day with tough questions about sin, gender roles, sexuality, and more. And the “answers” they hear from their peers, social media, and television are usually the exact opposite of God’s design. If we don’t teach them . . . someone else will.

Your gift now to FamilyLife will give more parents like you the resources to share God’s truth with their children, from Resurrection Eggs to our ground-breaking Passport2Purity® getaway kits and the daily in-depth answers on FamilyLife Today®.

In appreciation for your gift by Easter, you can request the Resurrection Eggs. Thank you for your partnership!

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Your gift today will help more parents build a godly legacy in their children’s lives through practical, biblical answers from FamilyLife. Thank you!

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“Your radio broadcasts are such an inspiration to me and my husband, from bringing the two of us closer, to helping us raise a child in God’s way. Thank you so much! You are a blessing!”

FamilyLife Today® listener

“This was the greatest two days with my husband!! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!”

—The Art of Marriage® participant

“For years I had become lazier with God and with helping my wife. Stepping Up was the ‘in the face’ man-up message I needed to hear.”

—Stepping Up® participant

“Something nothing short of miraculous happened [during the Weekend to Remember]. God carried us through the Refiner’s fire, and I saw my spouse for who she really was. . . . She was Jesus to me in the flesh. I saw a selfless ‘agape’ love flow from her. . . . God has shown Himself faithful, as it says in Psalm 91.”

—Weekend to Remember® participant


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