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Millions of people today are looking for help to have a better marriage and family, and advice is everywhere. TV shows, self-help books, and counselors all claim to have the answers.

But these are based on our culture’s selfish view that marriage is about making yourself happy, not the Person of Jesus Christ and His purposes for your marriage and family. Without Christ at the center, all of the communication skills and practical “how to be happy” techniques in the world won’t give your marriage purpose or help your children face the future.

That’s why FamilyLife is here—boldly proclaiming the gospel through our radio broadcasts, events, and resources and helping couples apply God’s answers to their families’ deepest needs. And caring people like you make it all possible through your support!

Your gift now will help FamilyLife share Christ this summer with thousands who urgently need to know Him and learn to see their families through God’s eyes. Your support is especially important because giving historically drops off in the summer as many of our friends travel, and we rely on God’s provision through His people to continue core ministries—like keeping FamilyLife Today® on the air, Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways going to more than 80 cities in the coming year, and enabling us to finish a brand-new resource for parents of teens: Passport2Identity™.

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And to help your family grow spiritually this summer, download your FamilyTalks cards now. This brand-new resource gives you 12 questions for adults and 12 for children, to help bring God into your family’s daily conversations at the dinner table, in the car, or anywhere you are!

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“Your radio broadcasts are such an inspiration to me and my husband, from bringing the two of us closer, to helping us raise a child in God’s way. Thank you so much! You are a blessing!”

FamilyLife Today® listener

“This was the greatest two days with my husband!! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!”

—The Art of Marriage® participant

“For years I had become lazier with God and with helping my wife. Stepping Up was the ‘in the face’ man-up message I needed to hear.”

—Stepping Up® participant

“Something nothing short of miraculous happened [during the Weekend to Remember]. God carried us through the Refiner’s fire, and I saw my spouse for who she really was. . . . She was Jesus to me in the flesh. I saw a selfless ‘agape’ love flow from her. . . . God has shown Himself faithful, as it says in Psalm 91.”

—Weekend to Remember® participant


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